ES2017/06/05 (Luke 1:54,55)

Scattered Clouds, 18°C


Monday, June 5

He has come to the aid of Israel . . . , just as he spoke to our forefathers.—Luke 1:54, 55.

Those words reveal that Mary knew the inspired Scriptures well. Her words seem to echo some that were spoken in prayer by Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel. (1 Sam. 2:1-10) By one estimate, Mary made some 20 references to the Scriptures in her speech. Clearly, she was a woman who spoke freely about spiritual things. Mary drew liberally from the treasure trove in her heart, a storehouse of precious truths that she had learned from her greatest Friend, Jehovah God. Like Mary, we may at times find that we receive assignments from Jehovah that seem challenging. Like her, let us humbly put ourselves in Jehovah’s hands, trusting in him to act in our best interests. We can imitate Mary’s faith by listening carefully to what we are learning about Jehovah and his purposes, by meditating on spiritual truths, and by joyously telling others about what we have learned.—Ps. 77:11, 12; Luke 8:18; Rom. 10:15. w16.02 2:17, 18



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