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Thursday, June 8 (Rom. 12:10)

In showing honor to one another, take the lead.—Rom. 12:10.

An elder should start his training of another brother by taking time to develop a relaxed atmosphere and a bond of friendship with him. The specific steps an elder takes will differ somewhat from land to land, depending on local circumstances and customs. Yet, no matter where you live, if you as a busy elder set aside time to spend with a learner, you are telling him, in effect, “You are important to me.” That unspoken message will be clearly understood and deeply valued by willing learners everywhere. A successful teacher is someone who not only loves to train another person but also loves the person he is training. (Compare John 5:20.) That crucial aspect of a teacher’s disposition is quickly discerned by a learner and greatly affects the way he responds to the training he receives. Therefore, dear elders, as you give training, be more than a teacher—be a friend.—Prov. 17:17; John 15:15. w15 4/15 1:19, 20


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