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Friday, June 9 (2 Ki. 15:5)

Jehovah afflicted the king, and he remained a leper until the day of his death.—2 Ki. 15:5.

Suppose clarifying details concerning King Azariah (King Uzziah) had not been included in God’s Word, as is the case with other abbreviated Bible accounts? (2 Ki. 15:7, 32; 2 Chron. 26:3-5, 16-21) Would you be inclined to question the righteousness of God? Or would you reason that the Bible contains enough information to assure us that Jehovah always does what is right and is, in fact, the very standard of what is right and what is wrong? (Deut. 32:4) As we get to know Jehovah better as a Person, our love and appreciation for his ways will grow to the point that we do not need an explanation for everything he does. Be assured that such appreciation will grow in proportion to your efforts to study and meditate on God’s communication through his written Word. (Ps. 77:12, 13) This, in turn, will strengthen your relationship with Jehovah, making it ever more real. w15 4/15 3:8, 10


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