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Sunday, June 18 (Ps. 77:12)
I will meditate on all your activity.—Ps. 77:12.

Can we see Jehovah’s enduring love for us in what he has created? Yes, we can because the very act of creation was a manifestation of God’s love. (Rom. 1:20) He designed the earth with an ecosystem in which we can safely exist and thrive. However, he wants us to do more than merely exist. We need to eat to keep on living. Jehovah made sure that the earth could produce a seemingly endless variety of plants that can be prepared as wholesome food. Why, he even made eating a delightful and satisfying experience! (Eccl. 9:7) Jehovah created us with the ability to perform productive and meaningful work that adds to our enjoyment of life. (Eccl. 2:24) He purposed that humans fill the earth, subdue it, and have in subjection the fish, the birds, and other living creatures. (Gen. 1:26-28) And how loving of Jehovah to endow us with qualities that enable us to imitate him!—Eph. 5:1. w15 8/15 1:4, 5


Today’s portion goes from 1:24 to 3:4

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