Saturday, May 19
He has . . . put eternity in their heart.—Eccl. 3:11.

Science has revealed much about the universe and our earthly home, and it has brought us advantages in various aspects of life. But there are many questions science has not been able to answer. For instance, astronomers cannot tell us exactly how the universe came into existence or why we are on planet Earth with its abundance of life. Also, people in general cannot explain why mankind has a strong desire to live forever. Why are there so many important but unanswered questions? Partly because numerous scientists and others tend to promote godless thinking and endorse the theory of evolution. But in his own Book, Jehovah answers questions weighing on the hearts of people everywhere. We are dependent on the consistent and reliable laws of nature established by Jehovah. Electricians, plumbers, engineers, pilots, surgeons—all of them depend on these laws in order to do their work. w16.11 2:4, 5

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